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Purchase eStream PanelBar.NET Licenses Instantly Online.
Purchasing your eStream PanelBar.NET License is simple. Select the licensing version you require from the chart below and click the 'Buy Now' Button. Immediatley upon authorizing your order our servers will issue you with a customer unique link to create your licensing information.

Once your license key is created (which takes seconds) you will be able to start developing powerful ASP.NET Menus with eStream PanelBar.NET.

eStream PanelBar.NET - ASP.NET Component Licensing Chart.
Features Pro
 ASP.NET Control
 Code Samples
 Free Support
 Royalty Free
 Copyright Message - - -
 Licensed Domains Localhost 1 Unlimited Unlimited
 Licensed Developers Unlimited Unlimited 1 Unlimited
 Priority Support - - -
 Free Upgrades - - -
 Full Source Code - - -
 Price (USD) Free $79.00 $195.00 $395.00

RegSoft is the authorized retailer for PanelBar.NET

 eStream PanelBar.NET Pro Trial.

The Trial Version features a fully functional version of eStream PanelBar.NET. It works without any license keys and randomly shows a copyright message. The trial version allows you to learn and evaluate the product indefinitely, but is inappropriate for production use.

 eStream PanelBar.NET Pro Server.

The server license allows you to use the control on one website, defined by a domain ( or a single IP. The license is best suited for companies or individual developers who want to implement eStream PanelBar.NET in a single project.

Does not have limitations for the number of developers working with the control.

 eStream PanelBar.NET Pro Developer.

Grants a single named Developer the right to use the licensed version of eStream PanelBar.NET. This license is preferred by freelancers or small software companies with one developer who plan to use the control extensively in their custom projects.

Does not have limitations for the number of servers. The control can be installed on as many servers as necessary.

 eStream PanelBar.NET Pro Developer Redistributable.

This license grants an unlimited number of developers within your company to integrate eStream PanelBar.NET in an unlimited number of solutions. Best for larger organizations, which need a greater pool of developers to work with the eStream PanelBar.NET.

This license allows your company to distribute the eStream PanelBar.NET as an integrated part of 1 (one) commercial product (e.g. CMS, Shopping Cart, Groupware, etc.) This end-product can be sold or distributed royalty-free provided that it adds significant and primary functionality to eStream PanelBar.NET.

  • You will need a redistributable license for every single product.
  • Does not have limitations for the number of developers working with the control.
  • Does not have limitations for the number of servers.
  • The redistributable license entitles you to free upgrades.
  • The redistributable license entitles you to premium support.
  • The redistributable license entitles you to the control full source code.