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ASP.NET Site Navigation - eStream PanelBar.NET Features.
With support for postbacks, server-side events, viewstate and more. PanelBar leverages .NET's managed execution (memory management, automatic garbage collection and type-safety). The software consists of a .NET Assembly DLL that enables you to programmatically create a DHTML navigator of expanding and collapsing groups.

At the server, PanelBar provides an object-oriented programming model that contains Groups, Items and other appearance-related objects, as well as properties for total control over the menus look and feel.

eStream PanelBar.NET Pro v1.5 Feature List.
 Full Visual Studio.NET Design-time support

In order to simplify development we have provided the following features:

Drag & Drop
Just drag the PanelBar.NET control from the Toolbox to the page.
Design-time Preview
WYSIWYG development! The PanelBar.NET menu is shown visually in the editor at design-time.
Property Sheets
Configure the control's properties using point-and-click. Add groups and items using VS.NET forms.

 Flexible Programming Options

Program the objects in VS.NET designer, any available .NET language, or load the menu structure using an XML file.


Using eStream PanelBar.NET you can build vertical menus that expand/collapse upon a mouse-click. You can have an unlimited number of main headers with unlimited number of sub-menus.

 Highly Customizable Look

Colors, sizes, borders and fonts can all be customized to visually integrate with any project. Also supports custom image replacement throughout. Appearance customization can be accomplished with or without CSS.

eStream PanelBar.NET architecture allows implementation of virtually any menu design using Cascading Style Sheets, icons, and images. A large number of ready-to-use menu designs ship with the control. Please feel free to browse our Online Examples Gallery.

 Sizing Options

Specify fixed dimensions, dynamically resize (percentage based) or let a Group size to it's own content.

 Advanced positioning for Item and Group images

To deliver maximum freedom for visual customization eStream PanelBar.NET provides full support for foreground and background images. You can choose from 7 positions for the Item images and 5 positions for the Group images.

 Ability to place arbitrary controls in a menu

PanelBar.NET 1.4+ provides full support for arbitrary controls. You can include all the controls you want in any group or item. This functionallity alone makes PanelBar more than just a menu control - You can use it for everything.

 Ability to place menu inside a menu

Now here's a cool trick! By using the ability to place arbitrary controls in a PanelBar you can place a PanelBar inside a PanelBar. This way you can nest as many menus as you want. You can get a treeview-like functionallity and so much more.

 Ability to load dynamically generated content

Hardcode the groups and items or load from a database and populate on the fly.

You can easily define the menu structure using an external XML content file. Sample content files are provided to get your menu up and running right away.

 Animation and expand effects

Animation and float with many expand effects:

  • Barn
  • CheckerBoard
  • Fade
  • GradientWipe
  • Inset
  • Iris
  • Pixelate
  • RadialWipe
  • RandomBars
  • RandomDissolve
  • Spiral
  • Stretch
  • Strips
  • Wheel
  • Zigzag

 Client-side events for adding custom functionality

In addition to navigating to a URL, you can invoke custom JavaScript functions at the browser when the user clicks on Items.

 Single expanded option (Outlook style)

Using eStream PanelBar.NET you can build vertical menus that keep only one group open at a time. When you click on one menu it opens it and collapses the currently open menu. Menus can also have a fixed height to acomplish "Outlook style" effect.

Please feel free to browse our Online Examples Gallery.

 Support for images and backgrounds in the menu header

You can place images and backgrounds in the menu headers to better match the design style of your web-site or application. You can also control the image alignment and position.

 Compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape and more

Compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Firebird, Safari and others!

Automatically detects and renders a tailored DHTML menu for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla and other browsers.

 Rapid deployment

eStream PanelBar.NET can be deployed in a minute.

Please feel free to visit our Online Examples in VB.NET and C#.