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DHTML Menu Navigation - eStream PanelBar.NET FAQ.

 Does eStream PanelBar.NET support .NET Framework 1.1, Windows 2003, IIS6?

Yes, PanelBar.NET has been tested with:
  • Windows XP Pro (IIS5), Windows Server 2000 (IIS5), Windows Server 2003 (IIS6)
  • Visual Studio 2002/2003, Web Matrix
  • .NET Framework 1.0/1.0SP1/1.0SP2/1.1/1.1SP1/2.0BETA

 Is the free trial a "full version"?

Yes. Your trial download is identical to the purchased product. The only difference is the trial download will randomly show a copyright message.

To remove this restriction and license your copy, please Purchase a License Key.

 How do I add eStream PanelBar.NET to the Visual Studio .NET toolbox?

To add the control to the Visual Studio .NET toolbox, please do the following steps:
  • Open a Web Form (aspx page) in design mode
  • Right-click on the toolbox and select Customize Toolbox
  • Select the .NET Framework Components tab
  • Click Browse, then find eStreamBG.WebControls.PanelBar.dll on your local machine and select Open
Now when you add the control to your web projects, Visual Studio will copy the eStreamBG.WebControls.PanelBar.dll assembly to your web application's bin directory.

 How do I set up IntelliSense for editing my PanelBar XML files?

You can easily enable the IntelliSense code complete feature for editing your PanelBar XML in Visual Studio .NET as follows:
  • Open (or create) an ASP.NET web application using Visual Studio .NET
  • Right-click on the application node in the Solution Explorer and select Add/Add Existing Item
  • Locate the PanelBarSchema.xsd file, select it, and choose Open; This will add the MenuData schema file to your project
  • Now when you open your PanelBar XML file, you can specify the targetSchema property in the Properties window.
This should enable the IntelliSense code complete feature for editing your PanelBar XML file.

 Can I use your design examples in my solution?

Yes. If you have purchased a license for our product, you are free to use any of the available designs. We are happy to allow our customers to use any of the graphical designs shown in our Demos/Examples section (or included with the download package) in their web site or application, royalty-free

 Do you use eStream PanelBar.NET for navigation on your own website?

Of course! We are using PanelBar.NET to create the left-side menu bars

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